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100 years
About us:

For 100 years it has been the mission of Ottobock to restore mobility to people, and to develop wearable human bionics to mobilize the human body. The occasion to publish the book Futuring Human Mobility and this microsite is our company’s centenary; yet it is not dedicated to the past, but to the future. We want to imagine our future – around mobility. And we understand mobility to be more than the ability to move from A to B – but from today to tomorrow.


We consciously chose the artificial word “FUTURING.” It was coined by the artist couple EVA & ADELE and at the same time refers to the avant-garde art movement Futurism, which was founded in 1909. Inspired by the radical force of the “Manifesto of Futurism” formulated ten years before the foundation of our company, we aim to disrupt today’s conventional ways of thinking. Only by thinking radically will we be able to achieve the successful digital transformation of our society and our company.


Designing the future of human mobility is all about empathy. If we want to anticipate the markets of the future and understand tomorrow’s cultural trends we have to intensely engage with the current discourses on the digital shift and reflect on artificial intelligence, robotics, cyborgs and the changing values of society.