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Heike Fuhlbrügge: "FUTURING – A Performance Strategy Mission"

FUTURING is a central concept of the famous artistic couple EVA & ADELE. Together, they are a living artwork who claim to have come from the future in a time machine. Curator Dr. Heike Fuhlbrügge on their concept of performance, showing the courage and energy of their ideas they carry around the world – literally at the double.

As early as documenta IX in 1992 EVA & ADELE, smiling friendlily, called out their performance slogan “Good Morning FUTURING” to everyone they encountered. Following their staged marriage in 1991 – a year previously, on the occasion of the “Metropolis” exhibition in Berlin – they were now a couple. Since then they have been unstoppable.


FUTURING is proclaimed, lived and demanded everywhere: for almost thirty years one regularly meets the artist duo at major art events such as the Biennale in Venice, documenta and art fairs around the world, or just around the corner at the premiere of an opera in their adopted home of Berlin. All this time they have practiced their radical conceptual art and lifestyle. EVA & ADELE exist in a state of permanence, within which they live their performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without beginning or end, day in, day out. FUTURING is one of their central concepts which appears in a variety of forms in their work.


You can find the entire article in the book Futuring Human Mobility. The trade edition will be published in Spring 2019.